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Work Package 3 Oxygen Separator

Lead beneficiary                  VITO

Participating Partners:         DIFFER, VITO, CerPoTech, HyGear



  • The main objective of this WP is the development of an O2 and CO gas separation sub-system with parameters matched to the integrated system. Oxygen will be separated using a Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) assembly operating at high temperature. Materials and Cell will be developed by VITO, CerPoTech and HyGear, supported by computational electro-chemical modelling by DIFFER. Key challenges are high oxygen flux, selectivity and thermal, chemical and mechanical stability under plasma operating conditions, suppressing the CO/O2 back reaction.
  • The O2 separation module will be first tested as a lab scale module both with synthetic gas mixtures and with plasma and then scaled-up. An integrated sub-system will be delivered to Task 5.3.
  • A stand-alone CO separation system using HyGear’s technology will be developed. CO separation will purify the CO downstream of the plasmolysis/SOC unit. Development of electrode material for CO2 plasma activated oxygen separation. The CO separation module will be delivered by HyGear.
  • Systems supplied by HyGear in tasks 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 will be subject to the applicable tests (e.g. pressure test, leak test, pressure drop), and depending on operating conditions, the required certifications will be applied (e.g. CE mark, Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, ATEX zoning). Documentation (e.g. installation and user manual, maintenance) will be supplied to the corresponding partners in WP2 and WP5 using the system.

           - Development of materials for plasma activated oxygen separation
           - Development of SOC assembly for oxygen separation by lab scale SOC test
           - Manufacture and Test of a full scale O2 Gas Separator assembly.
           - Development of a CO purification module