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Lead beneficiary                  KIT

Participating Partners:         DIFFER, KIT, CerPoTech, HyGear, INERATEC



  • The first main objective is of this work package is to:

          - ensure the widespread dissemination of project information and results
          - ensure intellectual property rights are secured on the project results IP
             and that access rights to third-party IP are negotiated
          - help in organizing industrial follow-on demonstration projects
          - bringing together R&D and industry in university education

  • The second main objective of this WP is to assess the market potential of KEROGREEN with regard to placement of individual units as well as the process chain in the future market. The exploitation is also including the business plan of the industrial partners.

          - to identify potential market barriers to the entry of the products.
          - To exploit the results of the project in developing business concepts for case studies.
          - To develop a path for making investments in sector coupling.