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Organisation profile

HyGear B.V. is a SME based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. HyGear supplies industrial hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen gas in bulk quantities. By combining advanced on-site generation technologies with conventional gas distribution methods, the company offers a more cost-effective and reliable gas supply. HyGear’s core competence is small scale gas processing and purification of hydrogen, based on flexible engineering skills, prototyping and testing capabilities. Its mission is to move novel gas related technologies closer to market entry. HyGear designs, develops and manufactures hydrogen generation and purification systems such as the Hy.GEN. To further reduce costs, the Hy.REC technology can be installed to recycle the spent gases from the process. HyGear also develops gas upgrading systems for different industrial applications.


Role and contribution in KEROGREEN

As commercial entity interested in the valorization of the technology, HyGear is mainly involved in two core areas of KEROGREEN: i) the upscaling of the membrane based system for O2 separation; ii) the development of small scale CO purification module.

Contact person

Dr. Leonardo Roses