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Organisation profile

The INERATEC GmbH stands for the development, manufacture, realization, operation and sale of chemical compact plants and their products as well as complete chemical processes and turnkey solutions for demanding chemical reactions. Those solutions enable the production of a climate-neutral alternative to fossil-based products by using greenhouse gas and renewable energy in the processes Power-to-Liquid, Power-to-Gas or Gas-to-Liquid. INERATEC´s USP is their innovative micro-structured reactor technology. That technology´s surface structure and intensified heat and mass transfer properties allow highest compactness at simultaneously best performances of the reactors. Consequently, integration into containers for decentral application and modular numbering-up is facilitated. The spin-off company from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded in 2016 and since then INERATEC has been involved in a number of R&D as well as industrial projects.



Role and contribution in KEROGREEN

INERATEC is responsible for the development of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis unit and carries out the system engineering and system integration into a container sized module. They also contribute to the process simulation of the KEROGREEN process and similar other chemical pathways. The analysis of the products and their qualification as aviation fuel is another part of INERATEC’s role in KEROGREEN.


Contact person

Linus Schulz